A miscellaneous page of links to our favourite places on the web.

Information Sources

Set and Turn Single - folk dance events listings and much more
Webfeet: Dancing on the Web One of the largest folk resources on the net - dance diary, lists of bands, festivals etc.


Other bands that Stray Chords Members are involved in:
Knotted Chord


EFDSS English Folk Dance and Song Society
CDSS Country Dance and Song Society (USA)

Residential Folk Centre

Halsway Manor - wonderful Tudor manor house in Somerset that hosts a variety of folk events. Stray Chords are regularly invited musicians for the summer family folk week and other events.


The String Zone - keeps us supplied with violin strings and stuff.
Fiddle Pro microphone - specialist violin microphone used by Benjamin - nothing but the best for Stray Chords!
Yamaha and Bose provided Stray Chords with their top quality PA equipment and Joshua's wonderful 5-string bass.
Rolston Accordions - have recently done a fabulous job of refurbishing Philip's gorgeous Bugari accordion.

Stray Chords' Favourite Folk Festivals

Members of Stray Chords have performed at all of the following...


Bedworth Folk Day
Broadstairs Folk Week
Bromyard Folk Festival
Chippenham Folk Festival
Lichfield Folk Festival
Sidmouth Folk Week
Whitby Folk Week


N.W. Folklife Festival, Seattle


Eric Foxley's Music Database Lots of folk tunes available for free download.
Thomas Bending's Music Search Engine If you can hum it, Thomas can probably tell you what it's called.
ABC music notation A popular means of sharing sheet-music online, with links to associated music software.

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